Frequently Asked Questions


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Q1: Can faded permanent makeup eyebrows tattoo be corrected? Or it only can be removed by laser treatment?
Yes, faded eyebrows can be corrected. However, multiple follow-ups might be required if the color is too dark.
Q2: What is the difference between Microblading and Ombré​?
Microblading presents a more natural look whereas Ombré​ technique has more of a feeling of wearing make-up.
Q3: Microblading or Ombré​, which one works better for me?
If your eyebrows do not have a lot of hair and you prefer a natural look, I suggest both Microblading and Ombré​. If there is abundant amount of hair, Mcroblading just works fine. And for those that are on the middle of the scale and happen to like make-up, then Ombré​ is the way to go.
Q4: How soon will I experience shedding of scabs after Microblading or Ombré​?
It will take about six to seven days.
Q5: Why the eyebrows color isn't retained to my like after the initial procedure?
Individuals with oily skin, scar, large skin pore or a blood type of O tend to require a deeper shade. However, it can be corrected and refined after a perfection session, the color will be better retained with that.
Q6: Why do I need to wait for a month or 45 days to receive touch-up on eyebrows?
First off, perfection session (touch-up) should be done at least one month apart, and it’s even better to wait 45 days after the initial session as it takes time for the pigment color to settle into the skin. It might cause over-process if perfection session is done earlier than that.
Secondly, your skin simply needs time to rest and heal!
Q7: How long can the effect of Ombré​ brows and Microblading last?
It will last one and half year to two years, depending on the type of the skin. The degree of color retention varies based on different individuals. Those who have oily skin and large pore retain the color for a relatively shorter period of time. To extend the life of a fresh looking brow, a touch-up is suggested every year.
Q1: How long do I need to wait to do permanent eyeliner after laser eye surgery?
One month.
Q2: My eyelids are very sensitive to skin care products. Can I still do permanent eyeliner?
No, I would not recommend it.
Q3: How swollen do the eyes get right after a procedure of permanent eyeliner? How many days does it take to heal?
No swelling is expected on the day the procedure is done. You might experience swelling the day after the procedure. The window varies depending on each individual.
It takes about 7 days to recover.
Q4: Why a minimum wait time of 45 days (60 days preferable) is needed for touch up of eyeliner?
As previously explained, eyelid skin is very sensitive and fragile, it needs a little longer to heal.
Q1: Can I eat after Lip Blush procedure?
Yes, you can eat after three hours (liquid using a straw).
Q2: How soon will I experience the shedding of the scabs after the initial Lip Blush?
It will take about three to four days for the shedding of the scabs.
Q3: Why a minimum wait time of 75 days (90 days preferable) is needed for touch-up of Lip Blush?
Lip Blush needs a little extra time to blend into the color of your own skin.
Q4: What’s fascinating about the Lip Blush?
You lips will be given a new life after the treatment. It will look sheerer and fuller. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about being exposed to unknown ingredients of the lipstick, and you can have different lip colors everyday.
Q5: How long can the effect of Lip Blush last?
Approximately three years.
Q1: If I feel itchy before the shedding of the scabs, can I scratch it?
No. You should avoid picking, scratching or rubbing the area or the color will heal unevenly or cause scarring and infection.
Q2: Should I avoid the treatment areas from contacting water after operations on eyeliner, eyebrows or Lip Blush?
A minimum wait time of 4 hours is recommended.
Q3: Can I go to the gym or swim after the treatment?
No. You should avoid moisture around the area of treatment for some time.
Q4: Can I use cleaner when washing face?
Yes, you can use it. You just need to be gentle on the area that is recently treated.
Q5: Can I still use skin care product?
Yes, but try to avoid the treatment area especially if your skin care products contain acids.
Q1: How to choose a top-notch semi-permanent make up tattoo artist?
  • You share his/her philosophy and appreciate his/her products.
  • Have the semi-permanent make-up tattoo artist draw your eyebrows during consultation. Don’t get hung up on the $50 you are spending and be ready to move on if what comes out is not what you expect and what you like.
  • The semi-permanent make up tattoo artist needs to be properly licensed. Having a valid permit from the authority is a must and make sure you ask to see his/her certification.
  • The semi-permanent make up tattoo artist should have  answers to all the questions you have.
  • The workshop has to be of utmost hygiene condition, no food or drink in sight.
  • You need to make sure the semi-permanent make-up tattoo artist of your choice is someone that you can trust upon.
Q2: What is Semi-Permanent Makeup healing process?
  1. Scabbing
  2. Shedding
  3. The initial intensity will wane over time and the desired color shade will start appearing
  4. Touch-up
  5. Perfection